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Sandra Molendyk
Sport Shaman


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Connect to your inner power and gain flow, enjoyment, confidence, competence, resilience, and longevity with Sort Shaman mentorship.

Jaguar - Warm and Cool Stone - Sport Shaman Massage
Receive an infusion of massage, Sport Shaman energy healing, and visualization - all applied with warm and cool stone heat therapy steeped in your very own special blend of warm soothing organic essential oils.

Sport Shaman Blessings celebrate: the people who support you, your equipment, team, and honor the spirits of the race and practice venues you work at. These blessings will help you to connect to your inner power and your own spirit.

Sport Shaman Harmonization's
Sport Shaman Harmonization's are an excellent way to clear space inside yourself for your spirit to reside in while harmonizing you with the cosmos and heavens.

Sport Shaman Healings
Sport Shaman Healings will empower you and are a wonderful way to clear and heal the energy around you and inside yourself. This type of healing includes energy healing empathic guided visualization to overcome barriers and reset your mind/body alignment.


“Thank you Sandra. Right away I felt invigorated and motivated. I slept soundly for the first time since moving to my new location, and I awoke feeling empowered once again, thanks to Sandra’s special treatment. I didn’t expect to feel this way, but I felt rejuvenated and fresh.”     Sherri Sullivan

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