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Be heard
Make your voice stand out!

Endangered wildlife, habitat, and humanity need our help to survive. 

These are some of the ways you can help:

Feature Endangered Wildlife

  The Power of 5
Each letter sent to the Government has the power of 5 in the decision making process. The Government  looks at each letter as if 5 people have the same belief as the person sending in the letter. So please send in your letters. Every letter, ever postcard, every email and every signature on a petition is important and really does make a difference.

You can help with other campaigns by:
1) Having a letter writing party!
2) Using a form letter with an attached petition
3) Send in a premade postcard



Charities and organizations the Sport Shaman actively donates to and supports

WorldWildlife Fund - WWF

David Suzuki Foundation - DSF

Sandra donated treatment earnings to the David Suzuki Foundation during fund raisers at local healing centers.

World Society for the Protection of Animals - WSPA

Sandra donated $100 to this cause on January 28, 2011

Wildlife Thrifstore - Wildlife Rescue

Sandra actively donates on a monthly basis: furninture, books, and clothing.

NorthWest Wildlife Preservation Society - NWW

Preservation through Education Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society (NWPS) introduces people of all ages to the wonders of the natural world to inspire environmental stewardship.

Please take part in their volunteer programs if you can. Sandra has helped out with this society. It is a lot of fun, and you are helping youth and others to understand and be empowered to make a difference. Volunteering was an eye opening and enriching experience for Sandra. She saw grade 6 children complete amazing feats, for example: removal of garbage and large logs from tidal flats and estuaries.

Forest Ethics - FE

Sandra actively donated all of her treatment earnings for one year to the Forest Ethics cause to save endangered caribou.


 Links to people of like mind and causes

Steve King

A great announcer, Ironman triathlete and counselor with many helpful articles relating to triathlon and emotional healing.

Environmental links

Rob Stewart

A great film.. (winner of many film festivals) as you watch it about 16,000 sharks will die for their fins, while the rest of their living shark is dumped overboard, unable to swim, breathe, or survive. This is a tragic loss of life.

With the sharks being decimated at such a rate, our atmosphere will be affected as will our fish stock and so much more.  It only takes a few people to make a difference, please take the time to make a difference. Watch this movie and take action!

Click here to save the sharks



This is a relevant and timely campaigns and petition site. This site gains thousands of signatures in just a few hours and hundreds of thousands of petitions over a campaign.

They forward our concerns to politicians and government officials concerned. This site really does a great job of having our voices heard and ending corruption.


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