Transformation, Leadership, and Legacy
Sandra Molendyk
Sport Shaman


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Sandra Molendyk
CEO & Founder
Peak Performance & Peak Experience Expert


I love the work that I do. I know how to experience bliss, flow, and joy through my entire day. I can help athletes to experience the same so they can overcome their own obstacles and have beautiful lives filled with meaningful relationships and success. Working with athletes to experience peak performance and peak experience, is the most blissful and rewarding experience.

I also see profound results and joy in my clients lives. I can hear it in their voices and see it in their faces and bodies as they tell me how beautiful my work is and how it changed their life for the better.

Waking up the West Coast Healers and Visionaries
WakingUpTheWestCoast (Link)

Gonzaga University
School of Professional Studies
Heeding the Call of Turtle and Black Jaguar (Link)

AQ - the Magazine of Simon Fraser University - Alumni Watching
Turtle Power (Link)

Gonzaga School of Professional Studies
Sport and Entertainment

Courtesy of the 2010 Olympic Skeleton Team:

George Strombolopogus
(was The Hour)


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CTV News

Yahoo Sports

The Vancouver Sun

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Media (Link)

George - The Hour

Bronze medal winner, 2007 International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Cup Championships, Vancouver, BC Canada

Member of Team Canada for Triathlon, 2007 and 2008
Raced in Canada, France, and USA

Gold Dance Figure Skater

Ringette, Rugby, Softball, and Hockey Player


Skating Coach
(Simon Fraser University and Cranbrook Figure Skating Club)

Sandra on Bike in the 2008 Triathlon World Championships

Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and a Certificate in Servant Leadership: Gonzaga University, 2011.

Thesis: elite athlete confidence, competence, flow, joy, resilience, longevity, and legacy. (Based on my work with elite and Olympic athletes from many disciplines).

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration: Simon Fraser University, 2004.

Bachelor Degree in Geography (Climatology, Hydrology, Ecology): Simon Fraser University, 2002.


My voluntary involvement is directed towards social, environmental and wildlife causes:
    - Volunteered my time and energy, full time for ten years to the healing and shamanic arts

    - I donated a years worth of Sport Shaman revenue to the Caribou Wildlife Habitat cause
    - I volunteer my time to causes such as Lee's Trail Triathlon, Ironman, Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society, and other causes
    - I actively donate to The Wildlife Rescue Association, which helps to rehabilitate wildlife in need as well as various causes with food, clothing, shoes, and healing.

Performance and
Leadership Consulting in Business 

Sage and Cedar: Leadership and Mentoring for the Intuitive and Shamanic healing arts

Tracey Bach
Program Development
Competed in Europe with the BC Provincial Softball Adult Team Tracey Bach  
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