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Individual sessions
WhiteFlower   Sessions normally last between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, and can take place in-person (individual, group, or team), or by phone or Skype.

Longer sessions and/or intense programs are also available.
Peak Performance (link)
Shamanic Healing
Harmonization's (link)
Mentorship (link)
I also offer yearly mentorship rates.

Example: 1 to 1.5 hours per week: peak performance, shamanic sessions, consultations, and mentoring


Meaningful events

Ceremonies (
- Empowerment and Legacy Ceremonies

Blessings (link)
- Clear the Way Ceremonies and Sport Leadership Blessings

Retreats and Speaking Engagements (link)
  *  Non-For Profit and Environmental
  *  Amateur Sports and Olympic Teams

  *  Corporate and Professional Teams

* Includes consultation prior to event and follow up, preparation time (visioning, fasting, materials) and set up fees. Travel expenses are extra.

"Sandra is such a wonderful, kind, sincere person. I love my sessions.  It's like a "tune up" for my body, mind, & spirit." Dani June 3, 2008

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