Powerful Sport Shaman Harmonization
Sandra Molendyk
Sport Shaman


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Sandra will call into existence your heaven, and align you with your cosmos.

You will experience deep centering, love, calm, and acceptance. Your cosmic heaven will align with your heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Sandra will then call home your ancient and powerful soul and spirit parts that have been disconnected.


When your soul and spirit is complete, you will experience so much more potential.

Next, your heavenly alignment and place in your cosmos is brought into your physical life, so you can be a true leader with great potential, stability, calm, joy, and great relationships.

This ritual is very peaceful, contemplative, and very powerful.

This ritual makes way for your spirit to reside inside of you and guide you.

** All of my work is very powerful, sometimes subtle, but mostly profound. This healing is on the more deeply profound level. You are creating this vast space within yourself for your spirit to fully reside in, so that everything that you do is an extension of your spirit.

Warning: Your hair may get messy.

"I was just talking about you last night and what great journey's you give! I truly am looking forward to our next one!" Maria May 17, 2008

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