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Racing and training
Leader and legacy ceremonies
Thanking family, friends and loved ones
Team and equipment
Clearing the Way Ceremonies

Blessings and Clear the Way Ceremonies Help You to
Connect to your inner power
Gain support and nourishment in your life so that you may succeed
Bring in fresh energy, supportive people, and situations
Make a fresh start
Change your energy so that it is more productive and healthy
Create a life that is meaningful

"What a wonderful, beautiful healing.  Sandra was also so very generous with her time, in listening to my issues and giving very good advice and help.  Thank you so much!"
Kia June 7, 2008

"Thanks So much Sandy, you really helped me with my confidence."
Younger client. Name withheld.

Stacy Yakato

"I am so glad Sandra is here, when I needed her - a real source of beauty, strength, calm and peace. Her loving energy is uplifting to the heart and spirit."
Deepa Jul 9, 2008

“Thank you Sandra. Right away I felt invigorated and motivated. I slept soundly for the first time since moving to my new location, and I awoke feeling empowered once again, thanks to Sandra’s special treatment. I didn’t expect to feel this way, but I felt rejuvenated and fresh.” 
Sherri Sullivan, 2008

"Working with Sandra will improve your athletics, career, and personal life"
Waking up the West Coast: Healers and Visionaries

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