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Sandra Molendyk
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Tailored Mentorship
Whether you are performing your best or experiencing difficulty, Sandra can help you to achieve your personal best, when you need it, even in the most difficult of situations.

* These methods are created for you and your individual style and needs. These are not textbook methods that everybody has access to. These methods are created to work for you and your unique situations.

* Sandra's methods have already proven effective for other elite and Olympic athletes in a wide variety of situations in and out of sport. (ex. Best run of life during Olympics, ability to regain focus and win after a traumatic event, able to overcome negative thoughts, worry, and feelings to attain first in age division, and work issues out with coaches, other members of the team, and create positive leadership and long-term legacy).

1) Increase your confidence and peak performance:
       *  On-demand, in any situation, no matter what is going on around you
       *  In life and relationships
With media (see below for more details)
       *  During games, races, and competition

2) Add another dimension to your awareness, presence, and ability:
        *  Transcend traditional task mastery, sport psychology, and positive psychology techniques (without others knowing that you are using any technique at all)
        *  Experience joy in your life, relationships, and your sport
        *  Live a life filled with meaningful success

3) Build your leadership skills:
       *  Increase your game and race day focus, awareness, and personal bests
       *  Experience personal flow and shared flow with team members and fans
       *  Create your legacy in and out of sport

Experience greater:

* Confidence and Competence

* Peak Performance and Experience, and  self-actualization

* Flow, Longevity, Legacy

* Transformational Leadership

* Calm and Peace

* Conflict Resolution

*  Intrinsic reward and internal motivation

* Hypnopompic and Hypnogogic Sleep Cycles (powerful for visioning, healing, creating flow in all aspects of your life, as well as creating confidence and excellent outcomes)

* Sport and Personal Coaching

*Shamanic and Intuitive Healing Mentorship

* Media:
Did you know that even when you have the skills to succeed at the Olympics and professionally, it takes on average an extra four years before athletes actually succeed and achieve peak performance at the Olympics and World Championships, because of media and other stresses outside of your control?

Sandra has a great understanding for these stresses, and can create methods of success so that you can control your feelings, thoughts, and what is going on around you with better success. Start training now so that you are ready when opportunity knocks. Your success is waiting for you!

Featured Testimonials

"Sandy is an exceptionally gifted performance coach. On days when I couldn't get it together, I remembered what Sandra taught me, and I was able to gain focus and surprise myself with my results.”
Olympic Athlete, 2011

"It was awesome, a great getaway weekend. A lot of it has to do with getting to know yourself, flushing away all the crap inside of you and having peace. You learn more about your soul and spirit."
Mellisa Hollingsworth - Olympic bronze medal winner and 2 time World Championship gold medal winner - Skeleton

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