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What Sandra "the Sport Shaman" can do for you:

Sandra will create confidence and joy in your life. She is able to feel the different aspects of your energy and tailor specific, progressive, and therapeutic treatments that will work with your mind, body, and spirit to create leadership and peak performance.

Improve your overall temperament and spirit to your training, game, and race approach.

Energy spent avoiding issues, or facing your issues will be put to positive factors in your life, such as your sport, relationships, leadership in and out of sport, and peak performance during training and on race and game day.

Sandra's treatments improve athletic performance, decrease down time, and  increase recovery from injury and training, while eliminating pre-performance anxiety, and enhancing the understanding of your mind, body, and spirit connection.  

Contact Sandra for a Session 778-861-7243

"Outstanding as usual!"
Marie, June 22, 2008

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