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Retreats for Athletes, Teams, and Coaches

Foster confidence, competence, resilience, longevity, joy and flow in your life, sport, and athletic abilities

Create ease, clarity, great relationships, and athletic excellence

Bring supportive people, situations, and energies into your life

Be a Leader - lead by utilzing the entire brain, your heart, and spirit (task mastery as well as emotional, spiritual, and intelligence quotients) with clarity, insight, and talent

Be Civic Minded - give back to your organization and community as a leader

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Retreat T

Mellisa Hollingsworth
2006 Olympic Bronze Medal Winner - Skeleton
2010 Gold Medal World Championship Winner - Skeleton
2011 Bronze Medal World Championship Winner - Skeleton

"It was awesome, a great getaway weekend," Hollingsworth said. "A lot of it has to do with getting to know yourself, flushing away all the crap inside of you and having peace. You learn more about your soul and spirit."
(Shamanism: This turtle's out to win the race   Racers use power animals to decorate their helmets. By Terry Bell, Vancouver Sun: Canwest Publishing Inc., February 18, 2010.)  <Link>

Jon Montgomery
2010 Olympic Gold Medal Winner - Skeleton
"[We] had a team retreat in Revelstoke where a Sports Shaman[Sandra Molendyk] came in [and famously helped Montgomery discover the turtle as his spirit animal]."
Marc Weber, The Province: Canwest Publishing Inc.  April 5, 2010.)   <Link>


Healing and Blessing Testimonials

"Always excellent" Tara Jul 10 2008

"I am so glad Sandra is here, when I needed her - a real source of beauty, strength, calm and peace. Her loving energy is uplifting to the heart and spirit." Deepa Jul 9, 2008

"What a wonderful, beautiful healing. Sage Sandra was also so very generous with her time in listening to my issues and giving very good advice and help.  Thank you so much!"
(Kia June 7, 2008)

"Excellent! Thanks great healer of old wounds!" Rayla July 7, 2008

"5 star extraordinary session. Beautiful and accurate beyond words. You were excellent. I feel and realize that you gave me a lot, my first experience. I have a lot to work with too."  Jamila June 26, 2008 (after session)

"I can't say enough. I feel thoroughly satisfied and I will be back for more. During the session she picked me in a red dress which I will wear tonight, I was shocked. She worked on pulling me out of dark depths in my soul where I had succumbed and had become filled with depression. I feel much lighter after the session and lots of guidance on coming out of the rut I was in. I think I've hit the jackpot. Thank you so much Sandra." Jamila June 27, 2008 (much later after session)

"Sandra is such a wonderful, kind, sincere person. I love my sessions.  It's like a "tune up" for my body, mind, & spirit."
Dani June 3, 2008

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