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What a session looks like

1) Getting to know you
2) Provide methods that are proven to work via sport psychology, positive psychology, and neuroscience
3) Transcend with a blissful and intuitive guided meditation created just for you
4) Experience leadership, healing, and other opportunities
5) Bringing you back into your body

1) When we first meet (in person/by phone/or Skype) we will begin by discussing what is important to you, for example: who you are, how others see you, how you see yourself, what your goals are, what sets you back, what you would like to improve, what your dreams are, and anything or everything else you would like me to know about you, your life, and your ambitions.

2) I will provide methods for you, which are based on the science of sport psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, and of course Shamanism!

3) Next: we transcend your life to create joy, leadership, and meaningful success in your life.

4) My work is individualized for you and your specific needs and success in life. We will further develop methods while working together in this stage of our work (the second half of each session). All of my athletes have experienced benefits from my work.

We create answers and methods for you, from a state of heighted awareness, calm, and focus. From this state, what you need and want in life are pure, and so are the answers and methods you obtain in order to experience your life's dreams and successes.

5) When the session is done, I will teach you how to bring these ideas, methods and what you experienced into your every day life.

Our visions of greatness can be difficult to achieve when we work with others (team mates, coaches, family and competition) because they have their own issues and ways of doing things.

 I will teach you how to make methods that work for you stick, and how to nourish your life in all situations.

Follow up sessions

Similar to the first session, follow-up sessions build on the previous session. We change whatever is needed, based on what you need in your life at that moment, what works, what is going on new in your life, etc.


(as used in the context of a session with Sandra Molendyk)


Bliss and flow are considered "out of the ordinary" experiences, or "extraordinary" experiences, because they do not tend to occur in most peoples life on a daily basis. However, I experience bliss on a regular basis, as well as joy and flow from the time I awake to the time I go to sleep, and through all of my daily activities, no matter who I am interacting with.  I understand how to create these experiences in your life, and I can help you to create sustainable flow and bliss in your life when it matters the most.

When I talk about bringing you into a blissful state, we are creating a safe, calm, and beautiful meditative state for you to have enlightened and heighted awareness states where answers and visions are true.

This state is used to help you move beyond stress in a relaxed, open, and controlled manner.

When you are in a calm state, you have the ability to make greater connections and receive many excellent answers. In a heightened state of calm and awareness, you have the ability to overcome anything.

Since blissful states are "out of the ordinary" dreamy states, we need to bring your awareness back into your every-day-waking-reality so you can experience flow, joy, nourishment, and success.

"Flow state":

Please see this article that I have written on flow and shared flow.


The difference between every day life and transcended life occurs with what I like to call "ego engagement" and "spirit engagement". My work is not religious based, but it does have a spiritual* basis.

We tend to live our lives with expectations of ego, which can set us up for both failures or success. We tend to do this from a perspective of what we want to achieve, and from how we have learned to achieve during other times in our life.

We grow up with certain tendencies to overcome issues in our lives. These methods do not tend to work at the elite or pro level, because they were created with the younger us in mind, and not professional or elite mind. They are based on our fears and limitations, so we hang on to them with rituals, methods, and ways of dealing with issues or confronting issues, working out, engaging others.

Transcending means that in the meditative state, you will experience what you need to do (in waking and competitive life), so that you know how to overcome your challenges. If you do not have challenges, you will learn and be shown by your spirit/mind how to succeed at a higher level, have multiple aspects of excellence, better relationships, and better leadership and legacy skills, etc.

"Spiritual" aka "Self Actulization":

This work is not based on religion, nor is it dogmatic. If you are not spiritually inclined, you may refer to this as a "self actualizing state of mind" or state of being. I will discuss this soon.

“Other” Sport Shaman Techniques

Sport Shaman Harmonization's and Empowerment

Injury occurs on several levels:

The Physical Level
Your physical body can find relief from pain and injury through massage (physical manipulation of the deep muscles), stretching, exercise, nutrition and energy healing.

The Energetic Level
Your energy meridians can get blocked, shamanic energy healing works in a similar to acupuncture.

How does acupuncture work? During feudal times fighters noticed that after being punctured in certain places other parts of their body felt better and healed quicker.

Energy healing works by releasing the energies that coalesce in one area after an injury has occurred (spiritual, ethereal or physical).

Think of it this way, when you are injured your mind easily thinks of the place being injured and where the pain is located. If you really hurt, you tend to focus a lot of your energy on that area and the pain that it is causing. This causes a block in your energy system because your energy is no longer flowing in and out of the area, and becomes trapped or contained. Energy healing both releases the energy and heals the place where the energy has built up, so that you find relief.

The Emotional Level
Your body can become injured on the emotional level, 3 of these reasons may be:

1) Your body doesn't understand why it got hurt and can have a sense of "Why me?" After such a situation, you might be prone to protecting yourself by avoiding similar situations or creating barriers or suffering fear or delay in reaction times which can hold you back from future success. For instance:

  - if you were hit while riding a bike or fell down playing hockey you might wince or take longer to act in similar situations. Your opponent in team sports may be able to take advantage of this, or you might hurt yourself further because of your delay in action or self protecting actions.

2) Yourself or someone else knowingly put you in jeopardy and you have emotional feelings about this. For instance you might have been injured because:
  - you were in a car accident because you or a friend were speeding or driving unsafely.
  - the equipment maintained by you or your employer was not maintained and unsafe to use

3) Other trauma, abuse, bullying that affect you on a much deeper level such as buy an alcoholic parent or spouse, teacher, or victim of other crimes to the body and/or mind and spirit.

Both energy healing and spirit/soul retrievals are very important in healing such trauma so that you can get back to enjoying your sport and find fulfillment in yourself and your endeavors.

The Spiritual and Ethereal Level
If you have found yourself in an accident, or traumatized by a death of a friend or loved one, abuse or trauma or even bullying as a child or adult, part of you can tend to leave your body and leave you feeling tired, worn out, lifeless, or even seeking type A sports and other situations for the thrill of it, or so you can feel alive.

The Mental Level
When you hold energy in one area or if you hold a grudge against someone or a situation that created the hurt (even if it is willing or unwilling), this effects you on the mental level. Graphic dramatization and empathic guided visualization help reprogram your mind so that you can let go of what holds you in this trapped mind set.

Sandy Healing with Feather

What to Expect from a Sport Shaman Treatment
Sandra's shamanic methods of healing are deeply rooted in tradition with an infusion of modern techniques such as:  empathic guided visualization, energy healing, spirit engagement, and integration.

Each session ends with a manifestation of a healthy and beautiful mindset and life.

Sandra is compassionate and non-judgmental.

Spirit Engagement and Integration
Sometimes when you are injured (mentally, physically or spiritually) a piece of you leaves your body because of the trauma. Your spirit leaves just before an accident so that you are not injured on other levels.

This is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. When this happens it is common to feel tired, bored, disassociated and not in-tune with others or your surroundings. You might also have troubles sleeping soundly or be hyper, and you may find yourself obsessing about people or ideas or your troubles.

This is something Sandra is very skilled at helping you with in a non painful manner. You will feel much more energy, more on track, happier and energetic after this this type of healing.

Sandra specializes in bringing back lost pieces of your spirit, healing your physical, emotional and spiritual self, and creating a vast space inside of you for your spirit to reside, and harmonizing your healing body and mind with your spirit.

Power Animals
In shamanism, it is believed that when a part of you goes missing, a helping spirit cares for this part of you. When you retrieve this part of you, you also retrieve the helping spirit (sometimes known as a power animal). You also gain back much of your original strength and become much stronger in many ways,  you usually will know how to over come certain problems and you will find you have new powers associated with this retrieval and integration with the part of you that was missing.

Aura, Energy Grid, and Chakra Healing
There are major and minor energy centers inside of your body that are known as chakra's.  Your  entire body and life force is surrounded by a halo of energy known as your aura. Your aura is created by both your spiritual self as well as your major and minor energy centers.

It is your aura, along with your Will power that allow you to get sick or injured when you get run down through improper nutrition, over working your body, lack of exercise, fights with loved ones or a boss, and lack of a better way of protecting yourself, as well as poor coping methods developed as a child that may be outdated but at the time that was the only way you knew how to care for yourself.

In order to heal yourself, you must heal your body of the ailment and injury as well as your aura and energy grid so that you are not re-broadcasting that hurt energy back at your body. I am very skilled at helping you with healing all levels of your system in a very compassionate and quick manner.

Spirit and Soul Healing
As with your Chakra's and your aura, your spirit is made up of energy vibrations, your belief system and the way you talk about yourself. Your Spirit responds well to energy healing, which then can heal your soul and physical body. Your soul responds well and heals with imagery and thought as well as imagination. Your spirit, chakra and aura can also help heal your soul.

If you hold negative thoughts about yourself in your mind, you are creating harm at the soul and cellular level. This is why I help you to heal yourself through guided empathic vision and imagery. I am able to see and feel what is going on in your body, so that I can help you to heal at that soul, cellular, physical and spiritual level.

Contact Sandra for an Appointment

"See Sandy today. Sandy is a very powerful healer. She knows what she is doing and she will heal you.  Sandy has helped heal me on several occasions and her healings are terrific. Sandy, I just want to let you know, what you did that day, I could feel it occurring, and it was very effective."

Erica Denison, Spiritual Healer

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