Black Jaguar 

Jaguar Sport Shaman Massage
A deep but non painful sport massage
Sandra Molendyk
Sport Shaman


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Your entire body will feel tranquil, balanced, clear of pain, and ready to train
With each Jaguar Sport Shaman Stone Massage session you will receive an infusion of massage, Sport Shaman energy healing, and visualization - all applied with warm and cool stone heat therapy steeped in your very own special blend of warm soothing organic essential oils.

Results are long lasting and soothing.
Recommended treatment time: 90 minutes

Sandra recommends that you train before your treatment, so that Jaguar Sport Massage is part of your recovery.

1) Relief of pain is quick and long lasting (clients report an average of 3 to 6 weeks and longer)

2) The stones temperature allows therapeutic healing to penetrate deep into the belly of the muscle

3) The muscles are warmed and cooled with assistance of the stones, providing a euphoric and rejuvenating, healing experience

4) The response is deeply felt because of the warm and cool theraputic treatment

5) Unlike other deep tissue massage, this treatment does not cause you pain or stress the next day or even that same day

6) You are able to resume training much quicker with Jaguar and La Stone massage compared to many other types of rehabilitation treatments

7) You will be energized for your training, workouts, races and games

8) The stones relax you and allow you to sleep after your treatment so that you are not tossing and turning in pain all night

9) Special techniques such as tapping and galloping of the stones have benefits similar to ultrasound

10) Alternating hot and cold creates a pumping action to occur within the muscle

11) Pressure, tightness and toxins are released from the muscle

12) The warm stones increase blood circulation to and through the muscle, creating deep healing

13) The cold stones reduce swelling and minimize stress that injury, warmth or other types of massage could cause.

14) Many ailments can be treated with Jaguar and LaStone treatments, please enquire with Sandy if you have any questions.

The LaStone Massage Experience
LaStone Massage with Hot and Cold Stones and Shamanic Healing

The Stones
You are first treated to a Shamanic Smudging while smooth volcanic rocks, marble and jade stones are brought to temperatures beneficial to your needs. As you nestle cosily on top of stones placed in patterns beneath your back, chakra stones are placed upon each of your 7 chakra centers with a chakra opening ceremony. The chakra stones clear energy pathways. The warm back stones provide penetrating healing and relaxation while the cool back stones release pain, and Sandra's movement of energy within your subtle energy fields clears your body of ailments. You are also treated to 8 jade stones between your toes to improve your energy flow, and a warm volcanic stone in each hand to provide grounding and connection.

The Massage
You are then pampered to a wonderfully soothing warm oil treatment with alternating cool and warm gliding stone massage including a delicious scalp and warm oil hand, foot and toe massage. Using her intuition to guide her, Sandra will also meticulously tuck additional stones around you, providing you with a unique healing specifically crafted to meet your needs.

The experience ends with a chakra closing ceremony, and a fascia balancing spinal fluid ritual and shamanic harmonization to your head allowing you to accept cosmic love to enter into your healing process.

The Results
A massage with the warm stones provides deep relief of pain and tension while the cool stones stones reduce inflammation. Together, a massage with alternating warm and cold stones brings oxygen and healing to your muscles, provides a balance to the yin and yang, blood, and lymph systems of your body, and improves circulation.

Shamanic energy work is added to calm and energize you spirit and body, creating a truly luxurious massage experience from beginning to end.

Visit my Jaguar Stone webpage for a more in-depth treatment description:

The Energetic Cocoon Treatment
with Shamanic Healing, Hot and Cold Stones

While you lay on a bed of comfortably soothing stones, your 7 chakra's are treated to Chakra Stones. 2 more stones are placed on your hands, and 8 between your toes.

*If you wish, Sandra will provide you with a wonderful warm oil hand and foot massage and Shamanic Harmonization Head Massage.

You are then cocooned in energetic stones which are tucked around you in key placement patterns around you, and wrapped in luxurious warm towels that allow the healing heat and energy to penetrate into your body, and spirit. A warm (or cool) mask is placed upon your eyes. Essential oils are blended to suit your energy needs, and used throughout the treatment on key healing points.

You are then treated to Opening Shamanic Energy Healing Ceremony and Chakra Ritual Healing Ceremony, followed by a Chakra Closing Ritual, and a Closing Shamanic Energy Healing Prayer to you and your Spirit Guides, thanking you for our time together.

"Your hot and cold stone massage and energy healing was awesome, I melted. I could feel it working all night, and I woke up feeling so good. I had a great training week, and I have you to thank for it." Teri, Triathlete

"Thank you very much for Wed. Definitely a lot of shifting, and a lot of moving and a lot of contemplation. I definitely felt a lot and it has helped me. I want to say thanks and thank you very much for your support." Taron, Nurse

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