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Peak performance - when you need it

Trophy Greater confidence and peak performance:
*  On-demand, in any situation, no matter what is going on around you
 Achieve a healthy life filled with:
*  Meaningful success and joy in all aspects of your life
*  Meaningful relationships and lasting legacy
*  Peak experience and self-actualization
*  Intrinsic reward and internal motivation

Winning methods

SandysVideoOlympicAthletes  Athletes who used our methods succeed:
*  Olympic athlete achieves best run of her career during Olympics
Gold medalist maintains World Cup Series gold standing
Elite senior female achieves personal best and places first
*  National athlete achieves personal best at his most challenging venue


Amazing programs

*  Our programs are great at creating alignment between franchise, executives, coaches, team/individual players, staff, and family
*  We offer i
ndividual and team sessions, workshops, and retreats
*  Media and event role playing
*  Youth development

Scientifically-proven cutting-edge techniques

*  Positive psychology and sport psychology

*  Mindfulness, gratitude, and loving kindness
*  G
uided empathic meditations

*  Spiritual and shamanic healing and leadership
*  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Tailored to your needs

*  Overcome fears, barriers, illnesses, and injuries
Sustainable business and athletic peak performance
*  Mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery


[Voice Testimonial]

"From the very first time I worked with Sandra, she blew me away with how much I learned, how well I performed, and how great I felt. I continue to work with Sandra because I see the benefits reflected in every aspect of my life." Olympic hopeful, 2013

"Sandra’s guidance helped me to develop my self-mastery and achieve success." World Championship Athlete, 2013

 "From the very first session, I experienced peak performance in every aspect of my life." National Athlete, 2013

"Sandy is an exceptionally gifted performance coach. On days when I couldn't get it together, I remembered what Sandra taught me, and I was able to gain focus and surprise myself with my results.” Olympic Athlete, 2011

"Excellent Sandra."


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