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High-Performance Youth


We create a healthy and happy emotional life for all levels of youth, including those hoping to be top performers in-and-out of sport.

Using youth specific language and techniques, youth are taught methods that will enable them to achieve their best results in sport and life. The young people we work with are able to transcend their barriers to peak performance. With the use of individualized programs, we prime youth to become better athletes, thriving students, and valued citizens. We teach how to lead and succeed with talent, spirit, mind, and heart.

Sandra Molendyk’s methods are tailored to meet the needs of each participant. If you are a participant, you will learn how to focus and be in the moment, in a state of flow and joy, and perform at your highest level every time.

Our youth are burdened with the stresses that have been traditionally reserved for adult elite athletes and professionals. The pressure to perform from coaches, teachers, parents, peers and the media has created a dramatic increase in anxiety, confusion, bullying behavior and more.

Youth are displaying signs of emotional trauma like insomnia/sleep disorders, obsessive thoughts, inability to focus, and low self-worth.

Our techniques give youth the tools to cope and transcend these barriers. Youth are our future. Let's set them up for success today and tomorrow.


Winning Instructors

SandysVideoOlympicAthletes  Sandra Molendyk


Experience Expert

Successful career with proven results for Olympic and elite athletes

Bronze medal winner, 2007 International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Cup Championships, Vancouver, BC Canada

Member of Team Canada for Triathlon, 2007 and 2008
Raced in Canada, France, and USA

Gold Dance Figure Skater

Ringette, Rugby, Softball, and Hockey Player

Volunteer Can Skate and Can Figure Skate Coach (Level 2)
Tracey Bach

Program Development
Competed in Europe with the BC Provincial Softball Adult Team


This amazing program includes

Scientifically-proven cutting-edge techniques tailored to your child's needs
Mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery


"From the very first time I worked with Sandra, she blew me away with how much I learned, how well I performed, and how great I felt. I continue to work with Sandra because I see the benefits reflected in every aspect of my life." Olympic hopeful, 2013

Performance coaching for your high-performance youth 778-861-7243

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