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Elite and Olympic athletes: Enhance your peak performance and create leadership and legacy throughout your life in a sustainable and energizing way.

Whether you are performing your best or experiencing difficulty:

1) Increase your confidence and peak performance:
        *  On-demand, in any situation, no matter what is going on around you
        *  In life, relationships, and with media
        *  During games, races, and competition

2) Add another dimension to your awareness, presence, and ability:
        *  Transcend traditional task mastery, sport psychology, and positive psychology techniques
        *  Experience joy in your life, relationships, and your sport
        *  Live a life filled with meaningful success

3) Build your leadership skills:
       *  Increase your game and race day focus, awareness, and personal bests
       *  Experience personal flow and shared flow with team members and fans
       *  Create your legacy in and out of sport


Exceptional Performance
Amazing mentorship sessions, retreats, and peak performance workshops that will help you achieve a healthy life filled with greater confidence, competence, and joy in all aspects of your life

Valuable time with the Sport Shaman will help you to: overcome fears, barriers, illnesses, and injuries; and succeed

Follow up sessions that will enable you to exceed your previous potential

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"From the very first time I worked with Sandra, she blew me away with how much I learned, how well I performed, and how great I felt. I continue to work with Sandra because I see the benefits reflected in every aspect of my life." Olympic hopeful, 2013

"Sandra’s guidance helped me to develop my self-mastery and achieve success." World Championship Athlete, 2013

 "Sandy is an exceptionally gifted performance coach. On days when I couldn't get it together, I remembered what Sandra taught me, and I was able to gain focus and surprise myself with my results.” Olympic Athlete, 2011

"Excellent Sandra."

"Your work was very nice, and so healing and accepting."


"Very helpful and empathic, great advice."

“Sandra is a very gifted Shaman”

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